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  4. Monumentour; June 19, 2014 @ The Xfinity Theatre // Hartford, CT

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    this is the best 

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    Watch Paramore perform live at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas tomorrow night at 10pm EST exclusively on Yahoo Live!

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  9. Paramore will be the neighbor that comes over for tea and never leaves.

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  10. "Somethings just make sense and one of those is you and I." (x)

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    the opposite of Alf in a tub

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  12. The Best of: Hayley Williams

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  13. "Every time I look to my right or my left, I see my best friends." - Hayley Williams

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    I’m just really excited about halloween this year because hayley and chad usually do a couple thing but now they also have alf and I’m sure he’ll be included 



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